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Semi automatic baggage wrapping machine

2015-11-24 11:54
== Description

The baggage wrapping machine could move. Operator put the luggage on turntable, adjust the vertical pole position according to luggage size, so make the luggage stable on turntable. Then operator press the start button on panel,the baggage wrapping machine work automatically. And the packing layers could be setted in advance.

Application: Baggage wrapping machine is specially designed for delivered luggage, protect luggage from damage or exchanged. This model baggage wrapping machine is widely used in air port, station, any luggage storage place. And the packing layers could be setted in advance.
== Parameters

Packing size


Turntable loading weight


Turntable speed

6-20rpm (Variable frequency adjustable speed)

Packing speed


Film frame system

Stretch film frame, the pre-tension can reach 250%,
automatic film feeding, frequency control of motor speed

Machine weight


Machine size


Packing material

LLDPE stretch film,width500mm

Power voltage

0.75kw/220V AC(storage battery optional)

== Machine packing effect

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