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Carton Strapping machine

2016-04-19 11:09

1. Standard accessory, stable quality, durable material, and easy maintenance.
2. Special design-Control PP strap cooling time. It can make the PP step fasten well in any time.
3. It can strap automatically after you insert the belt, and it will stop automatically after 60 seconds. 
4. The machine is used for strapping carton, books and parcel etc. No matter what size of the parcel, it can strap directly. Needn’t to adjust the machine.
5. Installing an auxiliary feed switch and cut switch at the control panel makes you operate more conveniently.
== Product parameter
Model YSKG 
Min Strapping products  60mm
Max Strapping products  Any size 
Max deflation power  60 kg
Strapping speed 1.5Sec./Strap
PP Strap width 5-15mm
thickness of pp tape 0.8-1.5mm
Power supply 220/50-60Hz
Drive motor  220v ,220w
Volume  890×570×730mm
Weight  100 kg 
== Strapping effect

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