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automatic souvlaki skewer machine

2017-05-13 16:56

This machine USES artificial cut meat to put meat, the string machine automatically wears a string, all fresh meat is all right. Also can wear; Connected to the same flesh and blood, chicken wings, gristle, squid, beef and mutton, pipe, plate, kidneys, the advantage such as: low price, high efficiency, the arrangement of meat can be independent adjustment, the shape, the shape of the prod of meat can be adjusted freely, wear a good list of beautiful shape.
Automatic wear string machine adopts the advanced digital control technology, the organic combination of sensor control, pneumatic control, fully realize the whole process of the automatic sign, automatic wear string. The main engine is made of stainless steel and food grade PE, which meets international food hygiene requirements. Desktop structure, small area, mobile and convenient, stable and reliable, service life factory; Mobile PE meat skewers. Clean and convenient, multi-purpose, can satisfy the user to wear a series of requirements.
Product features:
Can wear cow, sheep, chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, tofu, seaweed, etc. The spread of the string is uniform, clean and hygienic, not rubbed, and the taste is good: the user can add fat oil to any position of the meat according to his preference. The length of the meat is adjustable in the range of requirements; It can be knocked, shaken, not dropped. This machine is the ideal choice for meat series production!
The motor power: 25 w
The power supply. 220 v
Air: pneumatic
Efficiency: 1.5-2.0 seconds/string
Conveyer: conveyor belt
Leakage protection: yes
Dimensions: 500 * 850 * 350mm
Weight: 35 kg
Speed: 2000 string/hour
Signature length: 250mm - 300mm
Signature diameter: 3mm - 3.5 mm

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