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Automatic tube filling sealing machine

2016-09-18 18:09

== Technical parameter



 Filling capacity(ml):


 Hose  diameter(mm):


 Hose length(mm):


Quantity accuracy of filling:


Production capacity:


Power (KW):




 Overall dimension(mm):


== Machine information

1. Automatic tube filling sealing machine is with mass production, suitable for filling colloid material into metal flexible tubes or compounding (plastic) tubes with lid and sealing then.

2. Automatic hand cream tube filling sealing machine used in daily chemical, pharmacy, food stuff and so on.

3. It has such features as simple structure, low cost, single station filling and sealing, small volume, applicable to small lot production and multi-variety production.

4. Automatic hand cream  tube filling sealing machine is equipped with automatic packing machine, can form a product line for filling, sealing and packing. It also can be used solely.

== Packing effect

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